AHUUGA - Hettie's 1929 Ford Model A.

Hettie's Rock & Crystal Shop has A 1929 Ford Model A.

We imported her from Duffy's Collectable Cars in Iowa, USA and use her for carting rocks to and from the shop.

Hetties Ford Model A

Ford Fans and Fun

We have alot of fun with AHUUGA and it is often parked out the front of Hettie's on Tuesday through to Saturday.

AHUUGA is popular with the children and older cutomers that visit the shop, but everyone likes her.

When we drive her it's a bit like being a celebrity as people wave and toot their horns as we drive on by. Thank you to all those friendly AHUUGA fans who toot and wave their greetings!

Ahuuga Numberplate ford model aahuuga at mcleans island car show

Above left: AHUUGA shows her custom numberplate, and one of the reasons she is so well recognised around Christchurch!

Above right: AHUUGA has been on display at the McLeans Island Vintage Car Show.


Image left: Our old-style shop logo specially made for AHUUGA was made by morphing the Ford Logo into our current Shop Logo.