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This is a list of Rocks, Gems, Minerals and Crystals that we have in our shop.

Each picture is only one example of what we currently have in stock. There are many stones and crystals to choose from.


Nephrite (above left)


Obsidian - Black

Obsidian - Mahogany

Obsidian - Needles

Obsidian - Rainbow

Obsidian - Silver Sheen

Obsidian - Snow Flake


Onyx (above right)

opalopal glass

Opal - Australia (above left)

Opal Glass (above right)

Opal - Mexico

Opal - Pink Andean



Opalite - Dendritic (above left)

Opalite - New Zealand (above right)


Opalite - Pink (above left)

Orbicular Granite


Parrot Wing Chrysocolla (above right)

paua shellpeanut wood

Paua Shell (above left)

Peach Moonstone

Peanut Wood / Rare Petrified Wood (above right)



Petoskey Stone

Petrified Coral

petrified raindroppicrolite

Petrified Raindrop (above left)

Petrified Tree Fern

Petrified Wood - Australia

Petrified Wood - New Zealand

Petrified Wood - Rainbow


Picasso Stone

Picrolite (above right)

Picture Stone


Piedamontite (above left)


Pink Carnelian

Pink Opalite

Pink Talc

Pipestone (above right)

Polish Flint


Polka Dot Jasper - New Zealand (above left)



Prehnite - Australia (above right)

Prehnite - Mali

Pudding Stone


Pyritequartz candle

Pyrite (above left)

Pyrite on Slate


Quartz - Amethystine

Quartz - Aqua

Quarta - Aquaaura

Quartz - Azeztulite

Quartz - Blue

Quartz - Cobaltoan

Quartz - Double Terminated

Quartz - Double Terminated Black Tibetan

Quartz - Double Terminated Laser

Quartz - Candle (above right)

Quartz - Celestial

Quartz - Cherry

Quartz - Clear

chlorated quartzquartz girasol

Quartz - Chlorated

Quartz - Crackle

Quartz - Drusy

Quartz - Elestial

Quartz - Elestial Smoky

Quartz - Female

Quartz - Fibre Optic

Quartz - Ghost

Quartz - Girasol (above right)

quartz goldenquartz new zealand

Quartz - Golden Healer (above left)

Quartz Green - Brazil

Quartz Green - China

Quartz - Lemurian Seed

Quartz - Male

Quartz - Melon

Quartz - New Zealand

Quartz - Opal Aura

Quartz - Orange

quartz orange elestialquartz pin

Quartz - Orange Elestial (above left)

Quartz - Phantom

Quartz - Pin (above right)

Quartz - Purple Aura

Quartz - Rainbow

Quartz - Rainbow Aura

Quartz - Red

Quartz - Rose

Quartz - Flushed Rose New Zealand

Quartz - Rutilated Gold

Quartz - Rutilated Red

Quartz - Rutilated Silver

quartz scepterrhyolite

Quartz - Scepter (above left)

Quartz - Singing

Quartz - Smoky

Quartz - Smoky Morion

Quartz Snow

Quartz - Spirit

Quartz - Strawberry

Quartz - Sunshine Aura

Quartz - Tourminlinated

Quartz - Tibetan

Rainbow Petrified Wood

Rainforest Rhyolite (above right)


red amethystred coral

Red Amethyst (above left)

Red Coral (above right)

Red Hematite

Red Hematoid Quartz

red moonstonerhodochrosite

Red Moonstone (above left)

Red Tigers Eye

Rhodocrosite - Agentina

Rhodochrosite - Peru (above right)

Rhodonite - Australia

Rhodonite - Canada

Rhodonite - New Zealand

rhodoniteruby in fuchsite

Rhodonite - Raspberry (above left)

Ribbon Stone


Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz Rock Form



Ruby in Black Biotite Mica

Ruby in Fuchsite (above right)

Ruby in Zoisite

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz - Golden

Rutilated Quartz - Red

Rhodonite - Raspberry


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