Making Pendulums

We Manufacture many items at Hettie's. Our large Earth Healing Pendulums are well sought after and seldom make it to the shop as many local therapists are still on the waiting list.

Here's a photo essay demonstrating how we make each one by hand. They are not lathe-made like the commonly available "retail" pendulums.

pendulums made by handhealing pendulum hand craftedpendulum creation

Above left: We start with a large piece of stone, this Pendulum will be made from Pounamu.

Above right: Pre-forming the Pendulum.

pendulum grinding by handpendulum sanding by handpendulum sanding by hand

Above: Sanding the pendulum to its final shape before pre-polishing.

pendulum drillingpendulum pre polishing by handpendulum pre-polishing by hand

Above left: Pre-polishing on a 50,000 diamond wheel, then polishing on 100,000 diamond.

Above right: Drilling a whole with a Diamond Drill ready to mount a screw bail in the top to hold the chain.

completed handcrafted healing pendulum

The Finished Pendulum!

A giant at 710grams. Sorry this one is sold, however Andrew is planning to make some more later this year, as he has had so many requests.

They are hand-made so unfortunatley we can't produce them like a factory could, but they hand-made pendulums, crafted with passion and a love of what we do.