Museum Pieces

These are Museum Quality Pieces that we have available for sale.

These pieces came form a Private Museum that closed down in Brazil.

museum quality amethyst geodemuseum quality amethyst geode

Above: Amazing Amethyst Stalactite and Satalagmite

museum quality amethyst crystal cavemuseum quality amethyst crystal cave

Above: Huge Calcite Crystals on Amethyst, Amazing!

museum quality calcite on amethystmuseum quality calcite on amethyst

Above: Another Amazing Piece with Calcite Crystals on Amethyst.

museum quality giant amethyst cavemuseum quality giant amethyst cave

Above: This is possibly the Best Amethyst Geode in New Zealand (probably...). Dark, dark Amethyst with a huge Golden Healer Calcite and Lavender Cactus Amethyst cascading from the center like a water fall. Simply stunning! This Geode is nearly a metre tall.