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Be Wise About Fake Versus Real Stones

9th of March, 2015

Lapis fake inspection
Unfortunately anyone can sell stones, so the only way you can beware is to buy from reputable retailers who's reputation depends on their honesty. Some internet and auction sellers don't care as long as they have your money.

You know the old saying which states; "If something is too good to be true it probably is". It still rings true, cheap minerals are usually just that, cheap because they're Fake! 


A Word On Trade Marked Stones

Larimar Fake Selection

A new trend is emerging in the Gem Trade - "Trade Marking of Stones used for Metaphysical Energy". Trade marking is being used to give certain Gemstone dealers the monopoly. They "meditate" or "channel" information about the metaphysical energies of stones and then come up with a name and trade mark it, thereby securing their rights to selling it for it's "special energies". Many of these stones are well known under names that have been in use for many years, but existing names can't be trademarked. These "Trademarks" are stones that only they can sell.

A trademark is a type of intellectual property; typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. It exists to protect the creator or owner. No one should be able to Trademark nature but they can Trademark a name. When certain traders try to monopolise on "Energy Stones" for their own selfish gain, be warned.

Sugalite Fake Colours
Compare these to stones that have been held in high esteem for their cultural and spiritual values by most cultures around the world. Stones like Turquoise (American Indians, Tibetans), Jade (Chinese, New Zealand Maori, Incas), Obsidian (New Zealand Maori, American Indians, Cave men), Flint (Stone Age Mankind, Nordic), Quartz (Incas, China, Shamanic Cultures) - the list goes on.

These stones have had hundreds, if not thousands of years to prove their worth. They are not "Trade Marked" and are available relatively freely to most people.

Image top left: I hope your Larimar is real?! I think not.
Image bottom left: Sugalite, now coming in a variety of colours?! Not real.