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Smudging Sage - White Sage

12th of March, 2015

Genuine American Indian Desert harvested Sage Not Cultivated.

Our Sage is Wild Harvested to ensure cleansing potency. Our sage is naturally grown and carefully harvested with respect for the plant and Mother Nature to ensure sustainable use.

Smudging Sage

How To Use

Smudging (burning) WHITE SAGE is used by American Indians as a “prayer plant” for sacred purification. Burn to purify, spiritually cleanse, blessing ceremonies, meditation, and add positive energy to your aura and surrounding environment. Light the top and blow gently to increase smoke. For ceremonial use wave and fan the smoke to envelope objects and rooms during purification. According to tradition WHITE SAGE must be respected and venerated when used.

 We sell Smudging Sage in two sizes, large (pictured above), and small.